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If you have ever been injured at work, then you probably know how difficult the Ohio Worker’s Compensation system can be.  Dr. Matt Ashkettle and his staff at Axis Chiropractic in Westerville Ohio have been working in this system for over 10 years.

As an injured worker in the State of Ohio, employees have the right to treat at any certified BWC provider that they choose.  As some of you may know, it can be very difficult to find providers in the Westerville/Columbus area that are willing to treat injured workers through the Ohio BWC system.  Not only does Dr. Ashkettle treat injured workers, he is willing to become the Physician of Record (POR) for your claim.  The role of the POR is to not only be the primary physician treating your injuries, but he is also the one who requests the proper diagnostic testing, coordinates treatments with other provider types (if needed), and assists with the endless paperwork required for your claim.  By working in conjunction with other providers, it gives the patient many treatment options and opinions on how severe their injury actually is.  By using a combination of Chiropractic, Physical Therapy (Active Rehabilitation), and Massage Therapy we can get you on the road to recovery fast.

If you have been injured on the job and you live in the Westerville/Greater Columbus Ohio area, give Axis Chiropractic a call today at 614-901-9695!!

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